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Hybrid Performance


Toyota hybrids may be designed for efficiency, but they also offer remarkable performance. You may be surprised to find that hybrids can deliver peppy acceleration, impressive horsepower ratings and consistent power.

Top 10 Toyota Hybrids (Ranked by MPG)


127 MPGe

Prius Prime SE: 53 city/51 highway/52 combined est. mpg


#1: 2024 Prius Prime SE


Prius Prime’s intelligent combination of gas and electric motors is ready to deliver the thrill of 220 hp for every drive. You can also enjoy an EPA-estimated all-electric driving range of up to 44 miles to help bring efficiency to your commutes.


94 MPGe

RAV4 Prime: 40 city/36 highway/38 combined est. mpg

#2: 2024 RAV4 Prime


With 302 net combined horsepower and AWD,RAV4 Prime is ready to impress. Plug in to charge up with an EPA-estimated all-electric driving range of 42 miles and keep it going with its plug-in hybrid engine’s EPA-estimated combined 94 MPGe rating.

57 MPG

Prius LE: 57 city/56 highway/57 combined EPA-est. mpg


#3 2024 Prius LE


Future-forward design with an inspiring drive, advanced tech, fuel efficiency and reliability you’ve come to know and trust. Prius’ Hybrid SynergyDrive® system puts more power to the ground.With up to 196 hp, available Electronic On-Demand All-Wheel Drive (AWD) and efficiency at its core, Prius is ready to turn every commute into an adventure.

53 MPG

Corolla Hybrid XLE: 53 city/46 highway/50 combined est. mpg


#4: 2024 Corolla Hybrid XLE


Corolla Hybrid’s engine features performance you can feel. With 138 horsepower, it’ll reveal itself in every drive. And with a manufacturer-estimated up to 50 combined mpg, you can go farther in everything you do.


51 MPG

Camry Hybrid: 51 city/53 highway/52 combined EPA-est. mpg


#5: 2024 Camry Hybrid LE


Toyota’s dependable Hybrid Synergy Drive® relies on a sophisticated hybrid batery. The optimized location of the hybrid battery under the rear passenger seat opens up the trunk area for cargo, while use of lightweight materials helps maximize efficiency. This trusted system has been continually refined for over 15 years, helping make it remarkably reliable.


45 MPG

Corolla Cross Hybrid: 45 city/34 highway/42 combined EPA-est. mpg


#6: 2024 Corolla Cross Hybrid


Sit back and enjoy a fun, exhilarating drive. Corolla Cross Hybrid kicks it up a notch with an increased 196 net combined horsepower and vigorous torque. Even with a net combined 196 horsepower, Corolla Cross Hybrid has a manufacturer-estimated 42 combined mpg so you can keep the good times rolling.


45 MPG

Toyota Crown: 42 city/41 highway/41 combined est. mpg rating


#7: 2024 Toyota Crown (XLE & Limited)


Toyota Crown XLE and Limited are equipped with a highly efficient hybrid system that features a high output bipolar nickel-metal hydride batery that provides 236 combined net horsepower. Toyota Crown has a remarkable combination of power and efficiency, with an EPA-estimated 41 mpg combined rating.


41 MPG

RAV4 Hybrid: 41 city/38 highway/39 combined EPA-est. mpg


#8: 2024 RAV4 Hybrid (Limited & XSE)


Equipped with Electronic On-Demand All-Wheel Drive (AWD) and a 219-hp hybrid engine that has an EPA-estimated 39 mpg combined rating,RAV4 Hybrid can easily handle your everyday commute. And when adventure comes calling, the new RAV4 Woodland Edition’s trail-tuned suspension is ready at a moment’s notice.


40 MPG

Venza: 40 city/38=7 highway/39 combined EPA-est. mpg


#9: 2024 Venza


Modern design meets modern muscle. With an allhybrid powertrain delivering 219 combined net horsepower, Venza’s refined power and advanced efficiency set it apart from the pack. Whether you’re checking out a new shop in the city or
making your weekend escape, Venza’s EPA estimated 39 combined mpg helps you enjoy the extra miles.


37 MPG

Grand Highlander Hybrid XLE: 37 city/34 highway/36 combined EPA-est. mpg.


#10: 2024 Grand Highlander Hybrid XLE


With two hybrid powertrain options, Grand Highlander Hybrid is ready to give you the drive that best fits your lifestyle. Whether you choose Hybrid or Hybrid MAX, each with available all-wheel-drive capability, it’s time to get everyone together for the next adventure. With its EPA-estimated 27 mpg combined and 400 lb.-ft. of torque, Grand Highlander Hybrid MAX helps you maximize your adventures while bringing the fun along