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Queensboro Toyota


Welcome to Queensboro Toyota.

Not only will you find Toyota models at our dealership, serving the Woodside areas, you'll also find a friendly and accommodating staff eager to assist you.

We're here to help you no matter what it is you’re looking for - be it a car service appointment, help picking out the right part for your Toyota, or a test drive in a new or pre-owned vehicle.

If your heart is set on a new Toyota, then we have you covered. Check out our selection of affordable Toyota models at your convenience; when something pops out at you, we'll set you up for a little joyride (i.e. test drive). Singing along to the radio, while optional, is certainly recommended for the full experience.

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Toyota Service Career Opportunities



Legendary vehicles. Revolutionary careers. Start your journey as a service technician at Queensboro Toyota , and put yourself in the driver's seat to an exciting future.