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Leasing versus Buying a Toyota in Woodside, NY

If you’re ready for a new car, come visit us at our new Toyota dealership. Queensboro Toyota is in Woodside, NY and offers drivers a diverse range of new Toyota vehicles to pick from. Not sure whether leasing or buying is right for you? That’s perfectly normal. Our finance team can sit down and talk with you one-on-one about the various benefits of both options. Whatever choice you ultimately go with, we can help walk you through the financing process.

Making the decision between leasing versus buying will ultimately come down to two main factors: your budget and your car needs. By choosing to lease you have the flexibility of upgrading to a new car every couple of years without having to deal with depreciation or resale. However, buying comes with the benefit of ownership and being able to make upgrades or changes to your vehicle.

Another attractive aspect of leasing is the smaller down payment and lower monthly car payments. In the long run however, buying can sometimes turn out to be cheaper. The downside of buying for some drivers is the higher monthly payments, high-interest rates, and large down payment. If you want to drive your car without mileage restriction and be able to sell or trade it in whenever buying is the option for you. Leases come with contracts that often include mileage restrictions.

Want the best of both worlds? Consider leasing with the intent to buy. This allows you to test out a new vehicle for the duration of your lease contract, and then pay the remaining cost of the car when your lease expires. To learn more about your leasing and Toyota financing options at Queensboro Toyota, come into our Woodside, NY dealership. We additionally serve the neighboring areas of Corona and Astoria, NY.