Tire getting ready to be put on a car for the season

Know Your Tires: A Primer from Your Friends at Queensboro Toyota of Woodside!

Find the Right Tires

Now that Spring feels just around the corner, it’s approaching time to de-winterize our cars and give it the maintenance it needs for making it through another rough time of year. And whether our Jackson Heights customers are driving a 2020 Toyota Camry Hybrid or a new Toyota Highlander, that starts with having the right tires for the season.

Winter Tires – Bigger is Better

The rubber in winter tires is specifically-formulated to perform best at temperatures below 45 degrees. When the weather gets warmer, the treads on the tires end up deteriorating faster. They’re also designed to have a wider and chunkier tread pattern, which can get better grip on snow-covered roads better. They also don’t function as well on wet roads as opposed to frozen ones.

All-Season Tires – The Swiss Army Tire

The all-season tire is the most popular and widely-used tire available. Its combination of fine lines in the center and broader, wider edges of the tires provide an ideal blend of water displacement. These characteristics make them perfect wet roads and general surface traction development. Additionally, they perform well in almost any weather condition.

Summer Tires – For When the Road is Calling

Lastly, summer tires are made for hot weather, even pavement, and dry asphalt. Their treads are made to grip the road and keep your vehicle in control as you drive along the track or highway. They can also come with some more advanced rain treads, allowing for superior channeling of water on the road so you’re always going to keep yourself steady.

When it’s time to check out a new set of tires, make sure to come into our Woodside, NY used and new Toyota dealership! Our service center is staffed by certified professionals who can hook you up with that’s best for you as the mercury rises this year.